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Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us directly by email if the answer your question is not below. In most cases we will get back to you within 2 hours


Delivery Options


Courses are nornally delivered on client site - either on a seminar-style 'classroom' basis or via the 'virtual classroom' approach using VC/Webex. In both cases attendees 'bring their own devices' - laptop, tablet or PC - this is in order to run the MSExcel© case studies. The option also exists to use Skype as an alternative to VC.


What is the relative effectiveness of a Virtual Classroom?


Experience has shown that a well-run Virtual Classroom with remote presenter is about 70 - 80% as effective as a 'Local' Classroom with presenter and attendees in the same room.


Is a Training Needs Analysis available?


A TNA is part of any assignment whether formal or informal.


What course materials will be made available to the attendees?


Soft .pdf copies of the full module powerpoints, pre-arrival exercises/guides, joining instructions and case study templates (model anwers available following attendance) are provided within the module fee


Is course customisation available?


Certainly, subject to quotation.

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