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Meet The Team


Paul Giles has over 25 years asset management industry business consultancy and professional training experience. This has encompassed all three of the traditional 'Offices' - Front, Middle and Back/Investment Accounting - so he has a unique understanding of the inter-Office dependencies and data flows.


In recent years he has focused on the Middle Office and out of this has produced a set of comprehensive 'Teachins' - Training Workshops which cover the business requirements of Investment Performance, Equity/Fixed Interest Attribution and Ex-Post/Ex-Ante Risk. The modules embody a unique training approach, refined through his experience of working with users, operations, development and technical staff at all levels over the years. This approach includes the use of case studies which start from 'real, raw' market data, practical systems' tips and a sympathetic view of audience needs/pre-requisite experience in these potentially complex application areas.


Paul's cross-industry consultancy and training experience has encompassed more than a dozen major hands-on implementation projects involving organisations both large and small - such as BNP Paribas Securities Services, Swiss Re, AIMCo, Riyad and NCB Banks and AXA Wealth. He has designed and rolled out, across 6 of the 7 continents, a Middle Office Product Training Programme for a Global Software House involving both physical and virtual classrooms as delivery mediums.

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